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Civic Engagement Education Spanish TV Series

Capital Community College (CCC) and the San Juan Center (SJC), thanks to the support from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG), are teaming up with El Show de Analeh, CH18 Univision, to provide an educational and empowering series to the Latino community about the electoral process, as well as general awareness about their local government. As a secondary goal, this partnership is aiming to provide opportunities for students at CCC to gain work experience in the areas of politics, media production, and community service. Through this experience, the students will also be empowered to vote.

The community served by the SJC will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about their local leaders, government, civic duties, and the electoral process. Most importantly, empower their members to become active in the civic process in their communities. The TV segments, Comunidad Unida y Activa Tiene Poder,will air on Saturdays at 11am.

Overall benefits to the community:
- The increase in voter participation will bring focus by elected officials to certain issues that are important to the community as a whole. This will allow for a more positive response by elected officials to these issues.
- Increase in civic education among the Hartford community it will allow for a greater participation when it comes to candidates and electoral process.
- It’s vital to provide consistent, all year, education about civic engagement and the importance of voter registration.
- By increasing and maintaining the channel of communication between civic engagement professionals, political analysts, elected officials and the community, there will be a dramatic increase in community involvement and response.
- Project will stimulate trust between the community and government, which improves community engagement.
- Increase awareness through partnerships with the community, which include business, faith-based organizations, homeowners associations, philanthropic agencies, non-profit organizations, and the education community. The goal is to involve all the players mentioned to empower the Latino community and increase their participation and interest in becoming local government’s allies and partners.

Civic Engagement

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